Angel Policy

Angel policy      

Decoupage Queen takes pride in the amount of time and resources we spend on sourcing high quality images for use in our designs. You may not reproduce our designs or any portion of our designs in any way, either by photocopying, photographing, scanning, hand tracing, enlarging, or printing images from our website. Decoupage Queen products are not available on ebay or amazon, only from authorized retailers listed on our website or directly from us. Products are guaranteed authentic when purchased from us or an authorized retailer only.  We welcome use of our papers for any personal projects. You may sell items you make using our products that are unique one-of-a-kind items and only at small venues such as craft fairs, antique markets, or on your personal etsy shops. You may not mass produce (more than 3 of the same) items made with our products for resale. You may offer classes using our paper with student participants who produce the same project with any amount of participants.