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Welcome to Decoupage Queen

Our number one priority is to inspire creativity for artists and crafters everywhere.

We offer the highest quality and most beautiful paper for your creative projects in three sizes.

Small - A4 Rice Paper is for smaller craft items

*New* Medium - A3 Rice Paper is for craft items and smaller pieces of furniture

XL Furniture Size - 20" x 30" 18 lb tissue paper perfect for furniture

Ivetas Hand Painted Checks

Sweet and Sassy - Gathering Roses

Sweet and Sassy - Innocence

Sweet and Sassy - At the Beach

Sweet and Sassy - Passionate

Danielle Mack - Falling Star

Danielle Mack - Spring Celebration

Danielle Mack - Peaceful Meditation

Danielle Mack - Hand Print

Danielle Mack - African Journeyman

Danielle Mack - African Woman

Wejo-Robot Guy


Wejo-Hanging Skulls

Book of Fortunes

The Oracle

All Hallows Eve

Gothic Skulls

Halloween Harlequin

The Owls

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