Retailer FAQ

MAP pricing is in effect for all products. - Retailer's price can not fall below listed price for product published on our website at any given time.

Wholesale discount on rice paper and Pentart product line is 50% off retail price.

Wholesale discount on scrapbook paper is 45%

Wholesale discount on LaBlanche moulds is 40%.

Minimum order is $200 retail / $100 wholesale for all orders.


Our Product Lines

USA Retailers have access to The Royal Court product lines including Decoupage Queen, Pentart, Paper Designs, ITD, Calambour and LaBlanche. We welcome retailers outside the USA for Decoupage Queen brand papers.

Minimum Prices and Sales

In order to keep the value of our brands high and to keep prices consistent, the minimum stated prices must be in effect at all times. You may sell our products for more than the minimum, but not less. This includes any sales that you may run for time to time, you must not fall below our minimums. There will be several times throughout the year when all retailers will be permitted to run sales, particularly Labor Day and Black Friday along with Christmas. Our seasonal offerings are year round and we do not run "after season" sales to clear stock.

Future Releases
Decoupage Queen new releases will be shared with you before they go public and you will have the opportunity to preorder before general release. We typically offer three releases per year. Spring, Fall and a Christmas / winter release. We often sell out very quickly after these go to general release, so preordering gives you the opportunity to ensure your stock. Other lines new releases will be introduced periodically but at random intervals.
Sales Channels

You may sell our products on etsy, your own websites, facebook pages or groups, or in booths and retail shops. Amazon and ebay / auction site sales are not permitted. We do not require a brick and mortar store but we do require a valid business license.
Stock Requirements

We do not have any requirements on what brands or products you carry, nor do we prohibit you from carrying other competing lines. We believe you are in the best position to make these decisions for your business, not us. We do require an order to be placed within 30 days of your account approval and at least every six months in order to remain active.
Territory Protection
Because we offer over 1800 items and no one retailer will  likely carry every design, size or product line, along with the flexibility of our terms, we do not offer territory protection. 
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