Re-Style July with Decoupage Queen!

Jul 1st 2022

Re-Style July with Decoupage Queen!

It's Up-cycling month over on Decoupage Queen!

There's very few things that can bring just as much joy to us crafters as up-cycling! That's why we like to go back to this topic every once in a while!

How many of us are guilty of rescuing things from thrift shops, or yard sales with full intent of giving them a new life, but then never actually getting round to it? 

So here's a gentle nudge from us. 

Go and dig out that one thing that you promised to bring back to it's former glory - and do it! 
Then, when you've done it - show it off! Proudly! Scream from roof tops and show it to everyone visiting your home, and of course, share it with us! 

Over in Decoupage Queens and Kings Group!

Use #ReStyleJuly  to make it easier for us to see your project! 

Need some inspiration?

Join our designer Jessica Larios 

this Saturday 2nd July at 12pm EST

for the challenge kick off livestream! 

Watch the livestream here :


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Before you set off with the new challenge - here's our June "Birds and Critters" winner and a little collage of everyone's entries! Thank you all for taking part and we're really really looking forward to seeing your amazing creations in July!