Vintage Armoire by Guest Designer Sarah Arthur

Posted by Iveta Ziedina on Jul 5th 2022

Vintage Armoire by Guest Designer Sarah Arthur

Vintage Armoire by Guest Designer Sarah Arthur 

A vintage armoire I rescued from being dragged to the dump in a home clean out, this project saw a complete transformation steampunk style!

After a thorough sanding, clean & prep this armoire was given a full coat of Rustoleum Charcoal, with accent stripes in Annie Sloan Scandinavian Pink.

 Multiple Decoupage Queen design papers were used to give her the full force steampunk vibe—Arts & Science, Weathered Damask & Linear Architecture! 

I then finished her up with wooden trim and some gorgeous moulds all accented in Antique Gold (Rubb & Buff).

It was an absolute dream to work this armoire from start to finish and an honor to transform her from potential trash to a treasure

It’s such a fun thing to see the project in your mind and watch as it slowly takes shape as you work on it! 

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